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What do customers really remember after they have brought an appliance?

What do customers really remember after they have brought an appliance? 940 788 Nick Shrimpton

Money is tight these days – let’s address that fact straight away. We are all trying to make our ‘hard earned’ go further. Everyone is looking for good value and the internet is a tool that helps people get comfortable that they have secured a deal.

There’s a difference though between the cheapest and value for money. Here are two questions to consider:

  • How much exactly was the cost of the last domestic or kitchen appliance you purchased?
  • When was the last time you experienced an example of either excellent or poor service?

Unless you brought a product in the last week or two, the likelihood is you will have better recall of the second question than the first. If you apply this to retail, then price is important (especially in the early research stages) but service lives longer in the memory. You only have to look at Google Reviews (including ours) to see that recommendations are made more on value and service than price alone.

Buying a domestic or kitchen appliance

Price is seriously important

Stating the obvious price is a determining factor. When buying a domestic appliance e.g. a dishwasher prices can start at £250 and go to over £1,000. Appliance prices vary depending on the number of features they have and the build quality. There are sub-categories within appliance ranges and customers are often looking for the best price within their sub-category.

We are confident that we can be price competitive versus other appliance suppliers.

We are an independent business, but an agent of Euronics, who buy on behalf of over 600 other independent appliance retailers like us nationwide. It’s this buying power that gives us the confidence to say we are competitive against the likes of AO and Currys etc. But there’s more…

Choosing the right product for you

We have mentioned sub-categories above. The myriad of choice available often leaves customers confused about which appliance to choose. Online retailers make buyers do this leg-work themselves, using their own valuable time trying to compare various makes and models only to be left frustrated. Compare this to calling Ace Electric, speaking to someone local, knowledgeable who can ask the right questions before suggesting a manageable selection to choose from. We supply many leading brands you will know like Siemens, Dyson, ARG, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Hoover, Samsung and others, so be assured we have a wide range. We just recommend the best options for you.

Delivery and installation

We have appliances we can call-off that can be with you same day if it’s an emergency. Or we will order one in and tell you the delivery date. After that we will arrange a suitable date and time with you. Our team are all local and employed by us. We do not used third parties and we have distinctive vehicles too!

We want you installation experience to be 100% positive. This means our delivery team is polite, careful and clean in their work. They will take their time to ensure you know about your new appliance. We know that your neighbour might be our next customer (or might not be). Our reputation relies on us meeting your expectations.

Price, choice and experience – your expectations all met!

We want you to shop local and support businesses in Fleet, Farnham, Yateley etc. but we have to earn that right on merit. We know who the big competitors are but now you know we can:

  • be competitive on price
  • offer a wide selection and help you make the right choice with our personal consultations
  • provide a guarantee about your delivery and installation experience

We are here when you need us or when you want to ask us a question. Call 01252 815476

Listen up! Our radio advert is on the airwaves…

Listen up! Our radio advert is on the airwaves… 4999 3750 Nick Shrimpton

If you listen to a commercial radio station you may have heard Nick Knowles (DIY SOS) coming out of the speakers talking about domestic appliances and sustainability with Euronics. Ace Electric is an agent for Euronics and we are an advocate of sustainability.

When you are researching your next washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer, please ask about models that are friendlier for the environment. You might be surprised by the range and the prices. Over the lifetime of a machine you may well end up saving money.

Did you know…

You can save up to 38% of the equivalent energy by using the ECO cycle on your washing machine? It seems counter intuitive as ECO cycles are longer than conventional washing cycles. But because less water is used and the water is heated more slowly, it still works out much cheaper per washing load to use this ECO programme.

Contact us

Call 01252 815476 or email

Coping with the rising cost of energy

Coping with the rising cost of energy 4999 3750 Nick Shrimpton

Our customers are more concerned than ever about the rising costs of energy. They are asking about energy efficient appliances and machines that are also better for the environment. This blog is written to help you learn more about how appliances are being designed to be more energy efficient and better for the environment.

Three pillars of appliance sustainability

Most sustainable technologies can be grouped under one of three pillars:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Recyclable OR made from recycles materials
  • Water saving

Just ask about efficient technologies

The innovations to help with efficiency and cost saving over the lifetime of appliance ownership are:

Washing machine auto-dosing

Your washing machine uses sensors to automatically add just the right amount of detergent, avoiding the risk of incorrect of incorrect dosing which avoids unnecessary waste and repeat rinsing. This saves on both your water and energy bills

Induction hobs

These create a magnetic field between the induction element and the base of your cookware, heating the pan directly. This means that less energy is wasted heating the cooking surface. Plus, as induction hobs are quick to heat up and respond, cooking will be quicker and more efficient, saving time and money.

Vacuuming – Washable filter

Consider buying a vacuum cleaner with a washable filter. Rather than replacing a disposable filter each 6-12 months, a washable filter is cleaned, re-used saving money and reducing the impact on the environment.

Eco programmes (Dishwasher / washing machine)

These generally take longer than normal cycles but can save on energy. How? In a dishwasher, the water is slowly heated, reducing energy consumption.

Heat pump technology – Tumble dryers

Sone newer condenser dryers have a heat pump so in the drying phase warm air is re-circulated through a heat pump for re-use, making them really energy efficient. Models with this feature are more expensive to buy, but are cheaper to use over the lifetime of the machine despite having a longer run time.

Sensor drying technology – Tumble dryers

This technology detects the size and weight of the laundry load and the dryer is only on for as long as it needs to be. The good news is that this technology can be found in both in expensive and top-of-the-range tumble dryers.

Our service is our difference

Our service is our difference 940 788 Nick Shrimpton

What gives us the most satisfaction running this business is satisfied customers. Local reputation is what sets us apart from others in the market who do what we do. That reputation comes from consistent high levels of service alongside value for money. That’s why is was lovely to hear from John yesterday, just a short line to express how happy he was with what we’d done for him. 😀


Appliance energy ratings 12 months on

Appliance energy ratings 12 months on 385 385 Nick Shrimpton

It’s been a year since the appliance energy ratings were changed in order to aid simplicity and understanding for the buying public. But we know from people buying appliances from us that it takes time to get familiar with these changes.

The updated, A to G energy scale is meant to be more easily understood by consumers, compared with the old A+++ to D scale.

This new labelling system will apply to the following appliances:

The new energy labels seek to provide consumers with detailed information on Water SavingEnergy Saving and how this translates into Household Savings. We see more buyers who understand that an appliance that is a little bit more expensive at the time of purchase, is actually cheaper to own over its lifetime because of its efficiency.

If energy efficiency is important in your purchase, be sure to tell us, so we can refer you to those machines and appliances with the the higher ratings.

Proud sponsor of UEFA women’s football

Proud sponsor of UEFA women’s football 4501 8002 Nick Shrimpton

ACE Electric and Euronics make a great team.

Our knowledge, local presence and customer service combined with their buying power, makes us the Number One choice when buying domestic appliances in Fleet.

UEFA Women’s football tournament

The women’s game continues to gain popularity and is on the verge of a huge publicity boost this Summer when England host the UEFA Women’s EURO tournament. England, Northern Ireland and 14 other international teams from across the continent will take part in this prestigious competition.  Euronics is a proud sponsor of UEFA Women’s Football.

Whether the people in your household play at elite level or enjoy a Sunday league game, as an agent of Euronics, we can find the laundry solutions to clean up, even if your favourite team doesn’t!

Find out more about the Euro Women’s 2022 tournament in England.

EMERGENCY!!! Which appliance do you require?

EMERGENCY!!! Which appliance do you require? 940 788 Nick Shrimpton

When was the last time your washing machine, freezer, oven etc. gave you advanced warning that it was about to pack up? Maybe in the future that’s a possibility, but for now, the breakdown is likely to happen before the weekend when visitors are coming, or even worse, just before Christmas!

ACE Electric say “Don’t fret!”

Let your problem become our problem. We carry stock of every type of kitchen and laundry appliance. If you need a replacement urgently, and that takes precedent over having the widest choice possible, we can get it to you in an hour or two and certainly the same day.

  • Washing machine
  • Tumble dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge / freezer
  • Oven
  • Hob

Try asking the big online suppliers if they’ll get to you the same day and make sure the installation is just how you want it and you know the basics of to operate it.

Just because you need the replacement ASAP we won’t slap a premium on the price. We are a local business and customer service is more valuable to us in the long-term than a quick-buck on a single item.

ACE Electric – the only name you need when your appliance lets you down.

Call us: 01252 623163

Buying White Goods – Dispelling the myth

Buying White Goods – Dispelling the myth 1397 1077 Nick Shrimpton

When people come to us to buy white goods and other electrical items, these are often the comments we get back:

😃 You were so helpful in taking the time to understand what we needed

😃 We didn’t expect that you could match the big internet suppliers for choice, delivery and price

😃 Your delivery and installation team were polite and professional and they didn’t leave until we were 100% happy with our new product

When you run a local business like we do here in Fleet, a reputation is hard earned and easily lost. Ace Electrics is coming up for half a century of local trading. There’s not many things we haven’t seen and haven’t been asked. We know that customers want personal service, reliability and value for money. That’s the benefit of buying locally. We provide:

✅ Large model range from variety of well-known brands

✅ Super quick delivery on a variety of popular products

✅ Competitive pricing

✅ Consultancy service so you get the right product for you

✅ 5-star installation from by our ACE team

If you think only the big online providers can deliver what you need, think again. Pop-in, email or give us a call. We supply to Fleet and all its outlaying areas.

A loan fridge or freezer if yours breaks down

A loan fridge or freezer if yours breaks down 1000 1000 Nick Shrimpton

If you’re living in a house, perhaps have a family and lead a busy life, the last thing you need is something unexpectedly to go wrong. And when it does, why is it always as the worse possible time?

Take a fridge or freezer for example. It’s been a faithful servant for many years and then, pop, it’s gone and food is getting to room temperature and frozen items are defrosting.

Give Ace Electric a call

One of the reasons why being local has its benefits is that we can respond quickly. We have fridges and freezers that we can loan out, and get to you ASAP. No food gone to waste and no insurance claim needed. Furthermore, once your loan fridge / freezer has saved your bacon, use our knowledge to help find a suitable replacement.

Before you ask, yes we are a match for the big boys on price and availability PLUS we know our service is unrivalled. But then again, so do you because we’ve already helped you out once! Call: 01252 623163