Bosch Washing Appliances

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Bosch washing appliances provide a comprehensive range of innovative features to make laundry day easier. With energy efficient models, you can save money on power bills while still achieving great performance. Many Bosch washers offer delay start options and large capacity tubs so you can do fewer loads in less time. Additionally, they come with a number of other helpful features like anti-vibration technology for quieter operation, an extra rinse option for deeper clean clothes and an ecoSilence motor which is both quiet and durable. With so many features at your disposal, Bosch washers are sure to make laundry day a breeze. Add in the exceptional customer service you get from Bosch and it’s easy to see why these machines have become industry leaders.

Bosch Fridge Freezer

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The Bosch fridge freezer is an innovative and efficient way to store food in your kitchen. It has three adjustable shelves that can be pulled out or pushed back depending on the size of items you’re storing. The refrigerator also features a humidity controlled crisper drawer for keeping produce fresh longer, as well as a 4-star freezer compartment with a separate ice storage box. Additionally, it has digital temperature controls and easy touch control buttons for managing settings conveniently from the outside of the unit. The appliance also comes with an LED interior light to make locating items easier. Thanks to these features, this Bosch fridge freezer is both functional and convenient, allowing you to keep your food fresher for longer!

Household appliances near me

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Household appliances include white goods and other kitchen top equipment like microwave ovens and hobs. They can be integrated ir free-standing. Household appliances near me supplied by Ace Electric covers an area of NE Hampshire and Surrey including Fleet, Farnborough, Yateley, Farnham and Camberley.


Washing machine near me

Washing machines and tumble dryers i.e. laundry is an inevitable fact of life. We all need clean and dry clothes to wear on a daily basis. Luckily we have moved on from the times of a scrubbing board and a mangle! If you purchase appliances that are effective and thorough in the way they clean and dry, the laundry chore may not be so bad. We stock a range of washing machines and tumble dryers (vented and condenser). Whether your priority is value, size or energy saving, we will have the appliance for you.

Fridges and freezers near me

It’s all about refrigeration! When you’re running a busy household and have mouths to feed (or mouths that like to feed themselves,) we are at our most content just after we’ve eaten! With such a choice of food, it’s important to have an appliance that will easily store a variety of different food items. When it comes to chilling and freezing food, we have a number of appliances that are perfect for your every day needs. We supply fridges and freezers separately or as one unit, and they can be integrated or stand alone depending on your kitchen design.

Dishwasher near me

There aren’t many people that we know who actually like washing-up! Whether there are two of you in a house or a large family, the dishwasher is a true labour saving device. The technology in dishwashers today also means that they compare favourably with the energy consumption needed to wash by hand the equivalent amount of crockery, glassware and cutlery. We stock slimline as well as full size dishwashers and again they can be integrated or free-standing.

Ovens near me

Single or double, we have an oven for you! Whether you’re a complete beginner or fancy yourself as a chef, everyone can enjoy spending time in the kitchen and preparing a real home cooked meal.  Yes, fast food and takeaways are popular, but home cooking is enjoying a resurgence and the Sunday Roast will never go out of fashion.

When it comes to cooking our range goes beyond ovens, we also supply hobs (induction and gas), cookers and microwave ovens.

Vacuum cleaner near me

Carpet or hard surface, floorcare is key to a clean home. Vacuuming is really important. Floorcare goes beyond keeping your home tidy. It’s about creating a hygienic living environment for your family. Luckily, our fantastic range of vacuum cleaners make cleaning easy. We have upright, cylinder and robotic vacuum cleaners, as well as steam mops. We stock brands you’ll know well like Dyson, Shark and Bosch.

When it’s an emergency

We will always have in stock a limited range of all of the appliances referred to above. That means that if you have crisis at home and any of these products lets you down, we can get a replacement to you ASAP and that means same day if necessary. It’s the benefit of a caring local supplier who is on your doorstep.

A loan fridge or freezer if yours breaks down

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If you’re living in a house, perhaps have a family and lead a busy life, the last thing you need is something unexpectedly to go wrong. And when it does, why is it always as the worse possible time?

Take a fridge or freezer for example. It’s been a faithful servant for many years and then, pop, it’s gone and food is getting to room temperature and frozen items are defrosting.

Give Ace Electric a call

One of the reasons why being local has its benefits is that we can respond quickly. We have fridges and freezers that we can loan out, and get to you ASAP. No food gone to waste and no insurance claim needed. Furthermore, once your loan fridge / freezer has saved your bacon, use our knowledge to help find a suitable replacement.

Before you ask, yes we are a match for the big boys on price and availability PLUS we know our service is unrivalled. But then again, so do you because we’ve already helped you out once! Call: 01252 623163